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Default RE: Your favorite BDE alternative?

Well, I have tried a bunch as well and so far, I have liked kaDAO but it has been buggy... a work in progress. But using SQL Server 7, ADO is much better and you can download all the needed files for free from Microsoft. So...

I purchased DiamondADO and I am not too pleased. He has a problem with DATE/TIME fields giving a math error in a grid and it does not work with ReportBuilder due to this problem. I can't figure out this error... it is bizzarre.

So I tried a freeware one, Aloha ADO. It is freeware and everything works fine with MS MDAC. I had to rewrite some code and use actual field names not names aliased in an SQL query for a grid, for instance, i.e. Select ofname as Person, ddate as DATE etc. Diamond ADO and Borlands ADO Express allow the alias field name Person. Aloha only allows the actual field name when using filters. Not abig deal. Again, this is freeware and seems pretty stable.

That's my 2 cents!

John J
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