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Default Combobox question


Wonder if it is possible to avoid Combobox1.Text to be automatically updated by the first Combobox1.Item match.
I try to use the combobox1.text field to enter a string to be searched in my ADOQuery. And as I make the input - adding chars to the string one by one - the items in the combobox will show the items found in the database.
If I have these items containing 'abc'


and I input 'abc', then the text field will say 'abcdefg', because it is the first match in the database Thus "disturbing" my searchstring. Changing my searchstring by automatically updating the Combobox1.Text field from the items, unfortunately only show 'abcdefg' and exclude the other two matches ('bcdef' and 'abcde')

Any solution??

BR Lars
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