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Hi Banjo,

Yes, we agree ;-)
Nowadays I only do Delphi on older legacy stuff. I have a different pc on which I have Delphi XE7, but never bothered to look at it's registry.

Perhaps you can ask Embarcadero (Idera) to document their registry usage somewhat. I doubt they want to do this, since they're just trying to keep Delphi alive with as little as possible effort (my oppinion).

But there is a reason I moved away from Delphi, and the changes in management (Borland - CodeGear - Embarcadero - Idera) and the ways they are trying to make money out of Delphi are part of this.
The other is the roadmap they're taking (this has somewhat tied to the many overtakings in the years). So many failed/dead horses they've betted upon (who remembers CLX, Delphi.NET or RadPHP) and most likely the architecture change (changes in registry you see) is part of one of them.
My oppinion on Delphi nowadays is that they're betting upon too many different horses, and therefor they're forgetting their core (RAD - Rapid Application Development). And this RAD is overtaken by other languages, which can do this many times faster and better. This combined with the very high pricing was reason enough to say bye bye.
But still I have the love for Delphi, I grew up with it, and I'm still happy if I can do some work on our legacy stuff. So don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater, just a person who fell in love with another...

But again, I've never looked at the Delphi registry intensively, just did some minor tweaks back in the days...
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