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Howdy Lexd,

As I mentioned in my original post:
"... I'm using Delphi, 10.1, Berlin and I've noticed most of
the tool palette images are stored within the Windows registry in
locations such as:
Vcl.Controls.TControl.TdxTileBar\Icon16 - Icon32 (hex values)"

I've always wanted a 'better mousetrap' in terms of the supplied,
Delphi palette \ package \ component display, so I wrote my own
for D7. Since I'm now using Delphi 10.1 (Berlin), I noticed this
component icon storage within the registry (along with other component
info), so I decided try my hand at updating my little utility for
my current ver. of Delphi.

I've attached a couple of screen shots to this msg. showing the
Delphi 10.1 palette \ package \ component display & an example
of my utility.

Thanks for everyone's help & input - this forum is a wonderful resource!
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