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Default firedac and tclientdataset

I already have the firedac connection/queries working in my program but now I am trying to add another component and it will only work with a clientdataset.
How do I go about adding a tclientdataset and having it tie into my existing firedac connection/queries/datasets
if I add a tclientdataset and try to use the datasource/dataset then I get an error saying no datasetprovider or datapacket found. when I add the tdatasetprovider and link it to the clientdataset I get an error about circular reference not allowed.

NOTE: When I add a TDatasetProvider and set the TClientDataset to use that provider and i point the provider to the firedac query, i lose my query data. In debug the query has the recordcount at 1 which is expected results but when i open the clientdataset my firedac query returns the number of records of 0. So by opening the clientdataset i lose my data.

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