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Default sorry rest of the story...

It has to be a calculated field because I am using an Access database and when I open the query and check the field type it is timestamp and if in the query I use the CDATE command to create my new field it still comes out as timestamp. the calculated field comes out as datetime but is null.
this is a big round robin type of setup.
a firedac query to a datasetprovider to a clientdataset. when I add the field to the FDQuery it gets set properly and is a datetime field. but in the clientdataset the field is null. if I add it the fdquery and clientdataset then I get an error of name not unique. when I add it only to the clientdataset it is null.
I tried using maprules of firedac but it made no difference. it seems that timestamp is a datetime so no datatype conversion changes are made in the query.
So when playing around with the added field it says that it is a datetime but I just cant seem to get the clientdataset field to have a value.