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Ok, finally some solid feedback, thank you.

I still disagree on using the TRichEdit as a TEdit replacement, but that's a matter of taste I guess.

That you think I lack OOP just because I reuse the same name (intentially) just made me laugh. Using the same name is just Delphi's way of implementing the C# partial class. So it has nothing to do with bad OOP, as more with Delphi implementing it poorly. And again, I've done many commercial applications/modules in Delphi, far more then 2. And it has never resulted in critical identity clashes, so I must be a lucky person.
But if you have a better way in Delphi to implement the partial class I would appriciate it.

And this was not to bash you upon your Delphi skills, I know you have them. It was more that you just gave your oppinion without explaining your choices. And I was just curious on your choices, since they are very different then mine. I get why you make some descisions, but I still keep preferring my first solution (extra TEdit class). If that makes me a bad developer with poor OOP experience, so be it. As long as Delphi doesn't provide a solid implementation of what I want this is my way to go.

As for your comment on the TTextAttributes. I can agree, but I still find it hard to verify for me personal to replace all TEdit with TRichEdit (and it's overhead). So I'm sorry, but I still keep preferring the TEdit. But that's just a matter of taste I guess.
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