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You mentioned that the .csv displays [1234.80] with brackets, and that's obvious since you provide it that way.
but in CSV, it is showing like [1234.80]
And this cannot be converted to columns by the excell text-to-columns. You could try to doublequote it "1234.80", but I think excell interprets it still as double field. But that's easy for you to test
This is something that you cannot overcome in .csv, since there's an interpreter layer where you specify the text-to-columns, and that's out of your reach, that's excell...
When you do the text-to-columns there is an option where you can overrule the assumption (select the column and set it's type), but you should do that each time you press that text-to-columns
So I hope for you the doublequoted value works

Other thing you might try is to pass '1234.80, when you type a value into a cell in excell and you want it to be a text you type '1234.80, where excell removes the display of '
But again, that's a longshot and all depends on the excell interpreter of csv (or manually text-to-columns)
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