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It's your party, it was just my 2 cents.
I'm just not a big fan of coding in my native language, that's all.
I see a lot of Dutch programmers do the same thing, programming partially native.

To have your example used in naming components
btnKłąb (or buttonKłąb)?
Then you should be consequent and name it przyciskKłąb (or whatever shortner you use for przycisk with Kłąb), but that is not what developers do. They stick to the naming conventions (btn/Button)
It's just my opinion, but I hate reading half english, half other language. True, it can be done, but it's just not my cup of tea...

And as for this forum, this is englisch driven. So if I ask you a code sample and I get code with kłąb in it, for me it's not readable.
So yes, you don't take part in international coding or want to publish, but you're just trying to justify to yourself the use of national characters.

So if you already made up your mind that it's good, why the question if it's a good idea?
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