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You don't post any code, except for TcpClient1.Connect -> WriteLn -> Disconnect
Since TcpClient1 is the only component I can see, but this has no Blocking/Unblocking methods. And your code also doesn't provide any line that tells me it has.

So, what do you mean by "My standard component runs blocking, as that is what the receiver is said to do"

And what is "The missing connection after first string does apparently not influence my app"

You provide us with half a story, a lot of guessing and I know in your head all is obvious. But I'm just a reader here without any knowledge of your code and your problem, so you'll have to be clear on what you ask.

But if you're lucky it's just something simple as not using the WriteLn and using Write instead.
Or perhaps when something send it automatically sends something back, so you need a Read(Byte) construction aswell and it locks up because you never complete the task
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