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Default NewAC TAudioProcessor reading/copying data

Can anyone help me? I use library NewAC from Andrei Borovski. I want to read and process wave file. The used the editor demo called AudioProcessor where i use 16-bit mono wave. I have modified this to read complete file to proc.wave buffer. When all data are copied, I want to read them, but when I check them I found there are zeros in the file somewhere about offset 8000.

Can anyone test my project? I uploaded the project here:

File name:


Help pages:

I cound not find contact on Andrei Borovski - he refers to and the email the will not be his current email.

The code:
         move(proc.wave[si], vals[0], readBytesCount);
         if (vals[0]=0) AND
            (vals[1]=0) AND
            (vals[2]=0) AND
            (vals[3]=0) then
          if ( proc.wave[si]=0 ) AND
             ( proc.wave[si+2]=0 ) then
Prints error because vals contains zeros.
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