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Question TcpClient connection blocks after first string

In my application I need to send JSON stings to a Raspberry PI running Python under LINUX.
My standard component runs blocking, as that is what the receiver is said to do.
(not my Python code!)

First string comes through OK, then nothing else!

If I close the connection and open it again, I can transmit another one string through.

The missing connection after first string does apparently not influence my app. I can, and do, send more strings, they 'just' don't get anywhere.
Maybe ending up in some buffer internal to the component? (Unknown)

Below is my current transmitter. It works but takes a rather long time to get things through.

procedure TFreqCtrl.SendCmd(Mode : integer; s : string);
  if Mode=0 then
I run D6 prof SP3 on Win 7 and XP. Same thing happens on both OS.

If my colleague has two Raspberry PIs talk to each other, everything gets through.

Any ideas about the blockade from Win/Delphi?

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