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Default textfiles

i have a really big problem reading a contest of a textfile because i need to search for special entrys in that file and put them into some editboxes in my form...

the example file:

Log 23.01.2001
Datum Zeit Bed Station Action
23.01.2000 13:11:00 MM 01 Automatic Logout by user
on Station 01 Username MM
23.01.2000 13:11:00 Apr 01 Automatic import from
User Apr

and so on

i need to search for Datum+Zeit+Bed+Station+Action
and display the values of them in some editboxes...
the problem is that the file can grow a really big size sometimes more then 45 MB if there a way don't work with for ex. edit1.text:=(Copy S,0,2) ans stuff like that???

thanx and regards
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