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Default TListBox: Font: CharSet: Special Letters


I am developing a program, which contains a TListBox. That TListBox is supposed to contain names of the ancient Roman and ancient Greek languages, which means, that - for the Greek names - I need a character set which allows their special letters.

I thought, I simply change the CharSet attribute of the TListBox to "GREEK_CHARSET" and I shall be fine. But that obviously would have been too easy. After that change, the signs still didn't show up correctly.

Let me help you in helping me: please follow the following link to see a Wikipedia page which shows you the ancient Greek distance measurements. Those names, like the "palaistē or dōron" (why the heck can this website show these signs correctly and my software not?!?), are, what I need to spell out correctly in my program.

I thank you for taking time to read my request. Anyone who can assist me?

A second question: how can I test, if the text of a TMemo equals to a Real or an Integer?

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