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Question create richtext at runtime, in web app

Hi all...

Can anyone point me in the right direction..

I am running a very quick cgi web application.. but require a print out as an rtf..

in a stand alone app I drop the richtext componant on, and it does what it needs, and then prints, like i want it to.

in the web app, I have to create it at run time.. so I have

with TRichedit.Create(self) do
  Visible := false;
  // Print('Printer');
this gives me an error like

Internal Application Error
Control '' has no parent window
after some time with my good freind google, I found loads saying its about allocating an appropriate parent

so I added

  parent := self;
and tried
  parent := nil;
even tried   parent := application.webform;
all giving me compile errors.. as you may have guessed, i am a weekend coder, not doing this day in day out...

can anyopne give me that special line I need!

Cheers all

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