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Default A popupmenu on Myobject

I have a popup menu connected with code out of TToolBar (ComCtrls) line 2954
as I trace through the code its extremely complex to say the lest.

I feel like making a descendant menu and override the popup method
with its screen location add a Return: TControl to the popup Method as a
sow you type PopUp(x, y, Self); to activate the menu.
The return simply call a perform(CM_MENUCHANGED)
It still allows the menu to operate as a standard Menu but its beyond me why Delphi has to be so difficult with its code.

{ TTMenu }

procedure TTPopupMenu.MenuChanged(Sender: TObject; Source: TMenuItem;
Rebuild: Boolean);
if (Source = nil) and (FReturnMsg <> nil) then
FReturnMsg.Perform(CM_MENUCHANGED, 0, 0);

procedure TTPopupMenu.PopUpMsg(X, Y: Integer; ReturnMsg: TControl);
FReturnMsg := ReturnMsg;
inherited PopUp(X, Y);

Does any one have a better idea

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