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Default ShellExecute from Delphi5 application

Dear Expert,
I need to execute following command line from delphi5 application:

C:\Windows\system32>aws s3 cp "c:\test.csv" s3://testbucket/

I am coding as below:

ShellExecute(0, nil, 'cmd.exe', 'aws s3 cp "c:\test2.csv" s3://testbucket/', nil, SW_HIDE);

I tried the below code too:

ShellExecute(handle,'open',PChar('c:\Windows\syste m32\cmd.exe'), PChar('aws s3 cp "c:\test2.csv" s3://myerofirstbucket/'), '', SW_SHOWNORMAL);

But the file is not being copied in the required destination. However, if I run the above command from CMD, its coping successfully. Kindly suggest.

Thanks in advance

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