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Default i have dug deeper and discovered that the

varbinabry always shows 0x47....
but the underlying string of data is actually different.

lots of confusion on this issue.
basically we have 2 different development teams (C# which accesses the data directly, cobol which we have to get from a .NET interface that sends back data in an quasi xml format) I asked for the data that was being sent to the cobol program (i don't have it all setup to work directly) so i asked the C# dev to send me a sample of the raw data that they get. they sent the 0x47... string but that is not the real data that is in the varbinary.
i will now go thru all the setup to get the credit card payment processor all setup and working so i can see the real data being sent to it. hopefully it won't be the 0x47 but the actual base64 string.