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Default Compliler options 6 vrs 10

I've migrated to ver 10 from 6. I do have one issue other than the
exceptionally busy IDE !!!

I use MydAC from Devart. In version 6, the connectionlost on the DB connection
was fired whenever the connection was lost and reconnected seamlessly. Running
from IDE environment in 6, the lost connection brought up the actual error if
the 'report errors' was enabled. Once compiled and ran as a stand alone EXE,
the lost connection was seamless. Just reconnected whenever a connection was
lost and the user was unaware of the issue.
In 10 however, even if I set the compiler to Release, the error pops up.
Accepting the error, the program reconnects and all is fine. How to I suppress
the error message ?

PS this is the best Delphi forum for answers. Thanks chaps.
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