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Yes, it works, thank you.
The idea of using a TIcon to draw the images is brilliant.

But OwnerDraw is something I usually avoid, because it's not easy to make a code that would work fine in any situation.
Right now it is under 50%.
Among the alpha blending implementation, I have to take into account other things too:
- the user can delete or add some of the columns, shifting/adding/removing the column(s) with images;
- the OS hottrack doesn't work anymore and maybe the user would want the one from his Windows theme, not the "fixed" one I
can implement;
- when you click now on the empty space is not deselecting as before - I have to implement this too;
..... and many small other...

A simpler application is good to implement and test a few small fixes (for those problems I mentioned), not such big changes
I have now a lot of work to do so I can reach at least 90%. But seems like it's the only way to get rid of those problems...

Thank you again.
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