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What I meant was that Marina is harder to implement than other databases.
Why are you so stuck on ODBC? It could also be any connection, or for that matter any database. I still not understand your question, since you have in your mind that a database can only be accessed using ODBC. I doubt that Marina is the only database that supports 32 bit ODBC, but that's a side-note.

And ZEOS is not about the connection to the ODBC, it's about the connection to a database, using a connectionstring. That connectionstring could be ODBC based, but could also be a native connectionstring (if your db supports it).
Questions about the dbexpmysql.dll I cannot answer, never connected to MySQL databases this way. But switching to a windows based database would also solve this, since it doesn't need this dll.

As for your remark on MS Access. Your end user only needs the correct drivers to work with it. Your application is what the end user uses, so I'm not sure why you think the end user needs office to use this.

Normally for a Delphi developer I would've thought that you would've used some Firebird (or how that's called) solution. At least that's what Delphi shipped for ages.
But you could also use MSSQL Express with the ADO components. That would normally be my preferred combination. There's also SQLite which is very easy to implement, and for small single user databases also a very good alternative.

But back to your "end user", as mentioned previous you cannot develop any commercial products on a Windows 7 computer with Delphi 7 without running into big problems eventually!
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