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Default RE: Query Parameter Question...?

there are two parts
first is writing the script with variable and another is using bind variable

for first you can say
query1.sql.text := 'select * from animals where name = ''' + edit1.text + '''';;

another way is

query1.sql.text := 'select * from animals where name = rm';
here prm preceeded by colon sign signifies bind variable

second one is much better as it reduces the server time too

then comes the problem of assigning values to these bind variables
there are two ways for this also

first in case you open the same querry multiple time in same form with different param values then you can create a global variable in form say

form1 : tform;
vlu : variant;

then add a procedure to querry 's even beforeOpen

procedure tform1.query1BeforeOpen(......);
query1.parambyname('prm').value := vlu; // assigning value held in variable to the param before the query opens

then u can carry on changing the value of variable
close the querry and reopen it .

another way is just write the querry script like-
query1.sql.text := 'select * from animals where name = :PRM';

i hope it must solve ur problem
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