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Originally Posted by Norrit View Post
I have no Delphi anymore, so I cannot rewrite this

Bug the wd's are just constant values, a quick google will give the integer equivalent

As for the With statement, that's the same as in Delphi, so you should capture it's output in a Variant and call each next function on that variant
Perhaps the ClearFormatting, Wrap and all the others are available in an overload on the Execute statement, but for that you'll have to dive into the specs of that call (in other words, look in the msdn)

But basically it's pretty straight forward to translate this into Delphi. The Dim's should be integer variables in Delphi and the string's are strings in Delphi (like your own TextToFind), and you'll need another Variant to replace the With and take the output of the .Find
thanks for the reply! getting right on it
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