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Old 01-12-2001, 05:02 PM
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Default Your favorite BDE alternative?

I realize that contains the BDE alternative reviews, but I want to hear from developers.

What is your favorite BDE alternative?

I will share with you what I have found and liked so far.

I have used Diamond Access connecting to Microsoft Access 97 tables. They are small, together, and it is fast with SQL. The disadvantage is that you have to have the license and files to distribute the DAO 3.5. The smallest package I have put together in distributing the DAO is 1.7 MB.

I tested DBISAM 2.06 and this is what I found. The data files were larger, but a lot easier to distribute, no DAO or anything else to worry about. However, in searching, it was very slow using SQL. For example: I searched through 10,000 records in Access and found the correct results in 1 second. I searched through DBISAM tables and it took 30 seconds or more. Same fields, same data, and same amount of records in both formats. Therefore I would rather use Diamond Access.

I tested Flash Filer and Flash Filer 2. I use SQL tremendously, and therefore the first one didn't do. The second version hasn't done very well either. It crashes my system constantly, can't figure out how to make a single EXE, and the SQL doesn't support Insert, Update, or Delete. It is read-only. When I tried to insert 10,000 records in through a table, it keeps timing out. I would just have to say that this version does take some learning to get used to what it offers.

Well, that is my two bits, and I would hope that other developers would comment and suggest their favorite BDE alternative and the reasons why.

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