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Old 02-07-2012, 10:17 PM
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Default Form Resolution independent

Hi All and thanks for your help.

I was wondering if you guys can help me out on this code.

I used to program my Applications in Delphi 7 however a while back I updagraded to 2010. I own a copy of ElasticForm which is in charge of handeling all type of Screen resolution changes, however, ElasticForm is not compatible with 2010. I tried to contact the Component developer but no answer from her.

I found this code out there, which is suposed to take care of resolution changes and make all components inside the form resolution independant, however it is not working for me, I am sure that I am not doing things right.

Perhaps you have a better solution, or a better explanation of how to use the below code the right way.

Thanks again for your help.

Here is the code

procedure ScaleForm(F: TForm; ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight: LongInt) ;
   F.Scaled := True;
   F.AutoScroll := False;
   F.Position := poScreenCenter;
   F.Font.Name := 'Arial';
   if (Screen.Width <> ScreenWidth) then begin
     F.Height :=
         LongInt(F.Height) * LongInt(Screen.Height)
         div ScreenHeight;
     F.Width :=
         LongInt(F.Width) * LongInt(Screen.Width)
         div ScreenWidth;
     F.ScaleBy(Screen.Width,ScreenWidth) ;
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