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Old 10-06-1999, 10:45 PM
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Default corrupted network dbase file

I get a network dbase file corrupted ramdomly. Are there known problems with Win 95/98 network or Delphi 3.1 + BDE 4.51 + Dbase 4.0 ?

Thanks a lot.
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Old 10-07-1999, 01:16 AM
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Default RE: corrupted network dbase file

Are your files being accessed by other xBase products? *If so, this could be the cause of your problem as in some cases they use different locking protocols.

I recommend using Apollo. *This replaces the BDE and uses the same native record and file locking as the original xBase product. *All you need to distribute is about 250k of dll, and you can get rid of the BDE completely. It is also very much faster than the BDE. *I use it all the time for xBase access!

More info at: *

Chris Bray
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