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Old 01-09-2001, 12:20 AM
memuhsin memuhsin is offline
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Default How setting and getting playback rate can be perform on wave files?

I want to get and setplayback rate of wave-form output device. I create a resource file and My wave files are in resource file. I am using for playing this files PlaySound() command. But when I wanted to perform setting playback rate, "wave form not supported" are is given. I used siple this commands for performing.(My wave files are; 11.25Khz, 16 bit mono)

1. I defined variables such as hwo:hwaveout, wavefile:TFORMATEX; and anothers.

2. I initialize waveF variable for PCM
3. I opened device with waveoutopen() command, and ithad succesfull opening.
4. At the last, I try to get playback rate by using waveoutgetplaybackrate() command. Unfortunately it gived error that not supported wave form.

For solve my problem I checked my sound card. And it is succesful to get and set playback rate.

Because I used waveoutgetdevcaps() command to get this properties.

And I see, the flag for playbackrate property is set by 2

Please help me experienced programmers.

Altough you have very small idea, please contact with me

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