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Old 05-03-2018, 06:44 PM
FreakaZoid2 FreakaZoid2 is offline
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Default dynamic loaded dll function parameter

how would i go about checking inside the dll if a parameter was passed to it or not or could i use the override option (dont know much about it)
i have a function in the dll
function myFunc(aVar1, aVar2, aVar3: pAnsichar): integer; stdcall;
now i need to add a new var to it...
function myFunc(aVar1, aVar2, aVar3, aVar4: pAnsichar): integer; stdcall;

now in the calling programs, after loading the dll, i call it with 3 vars and it is working but i now have a need to add a 4th var to it. if the 4th var is passed in i want to send info back thru it. How do I modify the dll to test/know if the 4th var has been passed in or not. or should i learn how to use override inside of dll?
Old 05-04-2018, 03:24 PM
rojam rojam is offline
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I assume you actually mean overload, not override. Overload allows two (or more) functions/procedures to have the same name but having different signatures (parameter list). A DLL exports its functions by name, so simply using an overload will not solve your problem.
Reading this reply on Stack Overflow may help.
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