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Old 09-03-2015, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by lexd View Post
So I cannot replace sleep with with suspend
I think that is not true in reality as I test it
And its a pain to the object should I only need a simple read of the stream and reload more data
There is a big difference between sleep and suspend. Sleep will only block your thread for the time period that it is sleeping. Sleeping for one second still makes your thread responsive, as in it will respond to new read/write task given and also request for it to terminate all within one second.

If you suspend your thread, it is unresponsive, until you resume, so if you replace sleep with suspend, then when you tell it to terminate in your stream object's destroy method, it will not respond - because it is suspended.

Having a thread sleep won't block your stream object, nor the application that is using it, just the thread itself since the sleep operation is being done in that thread.

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