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Old 12-18-2010, 09:48 AM
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Default Cybercafe program help

Hi All

I have a very simple question well as I am not much of a programmer but i just have passion for it. I am currently planning to develop a simple internet cafe program, and currently mind mind has a lot going on regarding the communication between the server and the client. I actually have to questions but the one that im very much queries about is the first one.

Q1: What components can i use for the communication between the client and the server, I as familiar with the TClientSocket and TServerSocket, do you think those are ok if i use them on my internet cafe program? or should i consider using other components from the Indy. as the server will have to handle many clients.

Q2: The best approach for an internet cafe when it comes to the time count down, is it to always send the time to the server? or is it ok if i jst send time on client start up and also when d user time has ended.
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