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Old 12-20-2001, 05:32 AM
Mucan Mucan is offline
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Default showhint in DBgrid?

how can I do this;
if mouse on dbgrid then;
DBGrid1.hint:=Table1.FieldByName('Odeme').Asstring ;
BUT it's NOT show current record! It show, mouse on which record.

Like this; if current record=4 and mouse on 8. record
then it show 8.record information!
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Old 12-20-2001, 05:55 AM
andyho andyho is offline
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Default RE: showhint in DBgrid?

You can use Application.OnShowHint for that - this event will be called every time a hint is about to be shown. In this event you then can check if the event is for your dbgrid, then convert the mouse coordinates to find the record (dunno how, I didn't used the dbgrid much yet), and then change the text accordingly:

procedure TForm1.MyShowHint(var HintStr: string; var CanShow: Boolean; var HintInfo: THintInfo);
position: TGridCoord;
if hintinto.hintcontrol=dbgrid1 then begin
position:=dbgrid1.MouseCoord(hintinfo.cursorpos.x, hintinfo.cursorpos.y);

and put a Application.OnShowHint:=form1.myshowhint in the OnShow event of the form. You can also move the position on the hintwindow to be close to the active cell, and if you also want the hint to reshow after moving to another cell you will need to save the last showed hintcell, and do a Application.CancelHint when the mouse moves out of that cell.

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