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Old 08-08-2017, 07:07 PM
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Default ActiveX/COM

Background: I have purchased the dxdbgrid activex from devexpress long ago. DevExpress quit updating/selling the dxdbgrid activex. I then purchased devexpress VCL with their dbgrid control.

I currently have the TLB for the old activex control and I am trying re-create the activex control with the purpose of updating the activex control to replace the current activex control. new name for activex not going to replace old one.

With all this info available how could I go about recreating the new activex control with all the features of the old activex control from devexpress.

The original ActiveX control was used in a lot of acucorp COBOL programs and I don't want to purchase a new dbgrid activex control and have to change all my COBOL programs. This is why I want to re-create the ActiveX control and then make changes as needed. That way only the COBOL programs that might need a new feature would be updated, limited number.

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