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Old 01-01-2002, 06:51 AM
heddock heddock is offline
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Default How to sort a db grid and stringgrid

Hello guys,

i want to sort a dbgrid or stringgrid if the user clicks on the header of the column. How can i do that. I'm using kadao database with dbgrids and the normally delphi6 stringgrids.

Tnx in advance


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Old 01-01-2002, 07:44 AM
I.Ivanov I.Ivanov is offline
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Default RE: How to sort a db grid and stringgrid

Hello, Heddock!

1) TStringGrid can be sorted only manually (if you will add information in Cells array in right order, using QSort for example "D:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi.5_5\Demos\Threads\").
2) DBGrid can not be sorted. You can only use Indexname,IndexFieldNames property of TTable, TQuery object assigned to DBGrid by TDatasource. But then you should create all indexes for all fields (ascending and descending if you want to sort in both directions).
I know only one db engine which has all needed ascending indexes always - EasyTable,


procedure TMainForm.OpenGridTitleClick(Column: TColumn);
// if index name = field name
CurrentTable.IndexName := Column.FieldName;
// for EasyTable it looks like:
CurrentTable.IndexName := '@'+Column.FieldName;

But in both cases mentioned above you can not add picture to Grid column header (like arrows up, down).

3) Easiest way (but not fastest, as grids usually not uses indexes of db engine, and this leads to lower performane) to do all that is use third party components:


DBAltGrid by Quasidata

TCoolGrid -

AdvStringGrid by TMS Software


EtvLibrary -

Happy New Year to all!

If I helped, please click 'Accept as Answer'. Thanks.

Best regards,
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