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Old 03-18-2019, 10:49 AM
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Default Registry not working after windows update

I have the following (which has been working great) but has recently started showing 'path not found' does anyone have any idea why? the Key is directly from regedit and has been working.

 tReg := TRegistry.Create;
    tReg.RootKey := HKEY_CURRENT_USER;
    tReg.OpenKey('Software\TeesEyedTechnicalServices\ZFSX', true);

    InitDir := tReg.ReadString('InitDir');
    cMycbfti := tReg.ReadInteger('cbfti');
    cMycbftM := tReg.ReadString('cbftm');
    Form1.cMyDocuments := tReg.ReadString('mydocuments');
    Form1.cMyPictures := tReg.ReadString('mypictures');
    Form1.cMyMusic := tReg.ReadString('mymusic');
    Form1.cMyVideos := tReg.ReadString('myvideos');
    Form1.cMyMusicVideos := tReg.ReadString('mymusicvideos');
    Form1.cMyDownloads := tReg.ReadString('mydownloads');
    Form1.cMyAdultBase := tReg.ReadString('myadultbase');
    Form1.cMyMovies := tReg.ReadString('mymovies');
    Form1.cMySeries := tReg.ReadString('myseries');
    Form1.cMyTrailersV := tReg.ReadString('mytrailersv');
    Form1.cMyFunnyV := tReg.ReadString('myfunnyvideos');
    Form1.cMYAdvertsV := tReg.ReadString('myadverts');
    Form1.cMyArchives := tReg.ReadString('myarchives');
    Form1.cMyProfile := tReg.ReadString('myprofile');
    Form1.fAdult := tReg.ReadString('fAdult');
    Form1.DebugMode := tReg.ReadBool('debugmode');
    Form1.Mp3DebugMode := tReg.ReadBool('mp3debugmode');
    Form1.MinimizeOtherPrograms := tReg.ReadBool('minimizeOthers');
    if Form1.MinimizeOtherPrograms = true then TTSTOOLS.MinimizeAll;
    Form1.incAdult := tReg.ReadBool('incadult');
    Form1.ReCapitalize := tReg.ReadBool('recap');
    Form1.SoundFX := tReg.ReadBool('soundfx');
    Form1.exifCredit := tReg.ReadString('exifDcredit');
    Form1.exifCopy := tReg.ReadString('exifDcopy');
    Form1.AutoChangeTabs := tReg.ReadBool('autochangetabs');
    Form1.cFileMask := tReg.ReadString('cbftm');
    Form1.FileListBox321.Mask := Form1.cFileMask;
    Form1.cMyHomepage := tReg.ReadString('homepage');
    Form1.edtSET_Homepage.Text := Form1.cMyHomepage;
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path not found, read data, registry

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