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Old 10-20-2011, 07:39 AM
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Default Quickreport Preview Printer Setup & Save Problem

I am sitting with a problem and have been searching and battling for days now.

I have just ported an old application from Delphi 3 to Delphi 2006 Update 2.
Running on Windows XP SP3.
Quickreports Ver 5.02.2.

The problem I am experiencing is that when previewing a report, if I go into Printer Setup, Save Report, Or the load Report option, as soon as you are back on the report, even just by cancelling the option selected, the whole system hangs. I basically have to Force to app to stop by using ALT-CTRL-DEL.
The report prints fine if you just select the print option or use any of the other options, it is only the options named previously that makes the application hang up. I have tried so many things by now I am basically at my wits end.

So hope somebody can help with this problem !
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