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Old 02-25-2015, 04:50 AM
lexd lexd is offline
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Default Zeos mySQL linking

I have installed Zeos, and MySQL Installer 5.5.42, windows 7, Delphi 7

I found libmysql.dll under folder C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\lib ok

I placed C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\lib in my Delphi\tools\environment Options\Library\Library path and browsing path.

But cannot get :- Zeos, SQL Connection1 to find the libmysql.dll.
everything is freshly installed

Opening SQL Connection1
driver name: MySQL
HostName: Server Name
Database name: DBNAME
User_Name and Password I have set at both in MySQL and SQL connection to 'root'.
BlobSize : -1 I want to use pictures should this be larger for pictures like 16 megs
MySQL otherwise is default in all its settings.
I have kept the install record but its too big to upload and the database is working though local host.

Any idea's please.

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Old 02-25-2015, 11:49 AM
kolbasz kolbasz is offline
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Copy the libmysql.dll to your project folder. It should be a LibraryLocation property(TZconnection), enter the full path to your dll. On form create, you should also give the full path programatically, in case you move your exe/dll, to another folder.

ZConnection1.LibraryLocation := ExtractFilePath(Application.Exename) + 'libmysql.dll';
Where ZConnection1 is your main TZConnection.

Hope this helps!
Old 02-25-2015, 12:04 PM
lexd lexd is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2015
Posts: 268

I found that dose not work at all.
I found: - make a windows shortcut with both *.dll's and place it in with my project. That worked perfectly.

The thing is my end product is not going to like doing that. I need Zeos to look past my end product's (*.EXE) current folder.

And now it asks me for db2cli.dll and that's not apart of MySQL as far as I can figure out (at all). Everything talks about it as a MS SQL product to link to the ADO or OBDC or something like this. I must ask what *.dll's go with it as well. so I'm looking for a download from something.
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