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Old 12-02-2006, 09:04 AM
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Default A simple forgotten question

I wrote a few functions and procedures in my Delphi Unit1(Form1) application. Progressively,my codes are getting accumulating and getting longer and longer. So, I create a separate pas file and called it 'misc.pas'. I moved a few of my functions and procedures to this 'misc.pas' and include misc.pas into my project so that the procedures and functions can be found by Delphi.

Now, some of my functions and procedures uses 'Application.ProcessMessages' so as to let my application freezes less. The TROUBLE here is that Delphi complained that it cannot understand the term 'Application' - apparently pointing to Application.ProcessMessages that I have moved to the 'misc.pas'.

Question: What do I have to put infront of 'Application.ProcessMessages' or do I have to include something to make Delphi understand it.

Thank you for your kind assistance.
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