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Old 08-09-2015, 01:55 AM
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Question Getting the best out of DBGrid

Objective to this project: - keep client records and send out invoices and print envelopes.

I have ADOConnection1, ADOTableClients, DataSourceClients all connected to my MS access DB file. No sweet.
I also have ADOConnection1, ADOTablePurchases, DataSourcePurchases
and ADOConnection1, ADOTableItems, DataSourceItems ready to operate.

My DBGrid1 connects to DataSourceClients and lists a break down of names and address details of clients with a Int64 ID number. I want to select a client from DBGrid.

My DBGrid2 is connected to DataSourcePurchases and only display purchases linked to a Purchases - field 'Clients ID' : Int64.
Purchases table is: - ID, Clients ID, Purchase 1........ Purchase 6: all Int64,. date: TDate, Payment made: Boolean, Sent: Boolean, Date: TDate, Item Total: Currency, GST: Currency, Total: currency.

Items table has: - ID: Int64, Item Name: String, Price: currency;

My questions
DBGrid2 Needs to: -
1/ Only display purchases linked by its Purchases - field 'Clients ID' : Int64 that matches Clients - 'ÍD' : Int64. Where do I make the match.

2/ Display item Name and price, and full price and I need to add the price up. I need a pull down menu to select the item in the DBGrid from Items Table for 6 perchance's.

3/ When I Have a DBEdit's I can make it select the table and field through DataSourceClients but how do I make a new entry into the table.
Should I be using TEdit's and enter it with code with a 'Insert' button. How do I access the fields.
I think I got to use ADOQuery but I have no idea what my Query code would look like.

4/ I've Written
procedure TForm2.Button2Click(Sender: TObject);
Var NoteStream: TBlobStream;
With MainUnit.Form1.ADOTableClients do
// MainUnit.Form1.ADOTableClients.FieldValues
If InsertData then Append else Last;
FieldValues['Ist Names'] := Edit1StName.text;
FieldValues['Last Name'] := Edit2ndName.Text;
FieldValues['Street Addr'] := EditStAddr.Text;
FieldValues['City'] := EditCity.Text;
FieldValues['Provance'] := EditProvance.Text;
FieldValues['Zip Code'] := EditZipCode.Text;
FieldValues['Country'] := ComBoxCountry.Text;
// NoteStream := CreateBlobStream(FieldByName('Note'), bmReadWrite);
InsertData := False;
Button2.Caption := 'Inserted';
But Not got my BlobStream to work for TRichEdit, whats a good way

Editorials on subject are good too
I just got to find my way around these things.

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