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Old 04-06-2016, 11:14 AM
lexd lexd is offline
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Default HMTL page

every one talks of .net, but I found I have enough instructions in HMTL alone

1st question
I'm wanting to make a web store with a grid of items
HMTL only needs INDY am I correct

What do I need to support INDY to work correctly
I have Delphi 7 that runs INDY perfectly

2nd question
when I write a hyperlink and the user clicks on it, it must send a get instruction
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Old 04-06-2016, 01:02 PM
Norrit Norrit is offline
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What is the link with html and Indy???
And from that, html and .NET???
Is it a div or so???

I know this comment about the div is silly, but I want you to tell us exactly what you think it should look like, communication wise.
At this point it sounds like you heard some therms and throw them back without knowing what each therm seperately is meant for.

What you're saying is the same as:
"Delphi only needs Visual Basic am I correct"
And that is just as correct as your html and indy question
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Old 04-07-2016, 05:42 AM
lexd lexd is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2015
Posts: 268

I have not studied all parts visual studio
I tried PHP in Visual Studio but the Visual Studio version does not have an INI file to add a Delphi attachment dll to PHP.
So I expect Visual Studio has done this with all it add on's
And I have not gone any further.

I have realized HTML offers a lot of basic stuff to build a web site

Banner on top
a left column The right area
with a list is a grid of pictures
of buttons and a name that you click on

And a log in and shopping cart system is all I need
I think HTML can do that

from what you are saying I guess you can make a Delphi ActiveX link for Visual basic to access
The problem is Delphi is use to having its own thread running not a Visual basic thread running through it.
just as the statement from the site user sends the request.
may be you know of some examples I could view

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