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Old 01-13-2007, 08:41 PM
dorjvar dorjvar is offline
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Default A question about Install shield For Delphi And Crystall (Emergency)

Hello to all
I Made A report With Crystall Reports11 and delphi7(windows application)
Then Made a setup for my program with install shield12
and I add all needed merge module (Cr11_NetEmbededReporting and...) but I hit 2 Problem

1- when I ran My setup, I gave an error that it means : before Installing my setup I shoud Installed DotNet Frame work first (But I Didnt Used DotNet Frame work in My program)

2 - I added DotNet FrameWork to my setup but when I ran My setup Again give me an error Because It didnt Install Dot net FrameWork at First and Then install other parts

Now ,
1- How can I Made A setup For CrystallReports11 that dont need to DotNet Frame work?

2- How can I Made A setup For CrystallReports11 whitch Install DotNet Frame work First and then Install other parts ?

Thanks for Your Help
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