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Old 11-05-2001, 10:50 AM
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Default to

THANKS :-) Very much, this code worked a treat!!! was also hoping that u could help me with this other problem, i wanted to capture the text from the icq chat/message window, i ran this code on icq and it captured the text from the window that had the mouse over it, i was wondering could u modify this code so that the text from each edit on the icq chat window is put into 2 memos in my delphi program?

procedure TPasswords.Timer1Timer(Sender: TObject);
var Point : TPoint;
//handle of the edit
H : LongInt;
//the window EdText
EdText: pchar;
ControlParent,AU: LongInt;
//Get the current cursor position
//get the window at that point
H := WindowFromPoint(Point);

//get 300 char space in the memory
SendMessage(H, WM_GETTEXT, 300, LongInt(EdText));
//get controls parent
Au := h;
while ControlParent <> 0 do begin
ControlParent := GetParent(AU);
if ControlParent = 0 then begin
ControlParent := AU;
AU := ControlParent;

Memo1.Text := string(EdText);
//free the reserved memory

thanx everyone for all your help, this is an excellent site
and long may its success continue
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Default RE: to - a kick in the right direction ;)

have a look through some more code snippets etc... and work out the classnames and through that the handles of the boxes. ( the classnames are somtimes different, we hope they are here ).

then get the text by finding the handles through captions/class names rather than mouse positions.

hope this idea helps, ive got to sleep now

see you around, bye!

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Anyone who is interested in webbot, general TCP/IP client development or converting C++ code to Delphi code please contact
currently working on: Yahoo!Chat integration controls
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