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Old 03-07-2019, 03:50 PM
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Default working on creating a custom program

Looking for guidance/ideas
i have a text file that has basic printer output defined in it.
page width = 5.5;
page length = 6.0;
LPI = 8;
CPI = 12;
Font = New Courier;

and actual things to print
[line 1];
@40 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' name;

What i would like to do is create a GUI interface, i can work out all the detail structure and so forth, but how would i go about create the initial page size on a canvas that the user interacts with. Like only 5.5 inches wide (not 8.5 standard) or only 6.0 inches in height (not 11.0)
and how to force the canvas to conform the the LPI/CPI parameters.

Thanks for any guidance.
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