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Old 04-07-2015, 06:17 AM
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Default USSD using AT command in c# dotnet

Dear Expert,

Hi I am developing a project which sends and recieve SMS using AT commands with reference to SMSApplication project available in Now I want to send USSD command .But while using the below code to send USSD command, I am getting 'OK' in first message followed by error "Could not find any recognizable digits" .

The code to send USSD command is as below:

string recievedData = objclsSMS.ExecCommand(this.port, "AT", 300, "No phone connected");

String gottenString = objclsSMS.ExecCommand(this.port, "AT+CUSD=1,\"AA1C2C3602\",15", 300, "Failed to set message format.");

string strCommand = "AT+CMGL=\"ALL\"";

objShortMessageCollection = objclsSMS.ReadSMS(this.port, strCommand);
foreach (ShortMessage msg in objShortMessageCollection)
gottenString = msg.Message;

MessageBox.Show(PduParts.Decode7BitText(Calc.HexTo Int(gottenString)));

But if I use GSMComm Library, I can successfully receive the response for USSD command; the code is as below.

public string SendUssdRequest(string port,string request)
GsmCommMain comm = new GsmCommMain(port, 9600, 300);

var asPDUencoded = Calc.IntToHex(TextDataConverter.SeptetsToOctetsInt (data));

asPDUencoded = "\"" + asPDUencoded + "\"";

IProtocol protocol = comm.GetProtocol(); ;// _comm.GetProtocol();

string gottenString = protocol.ExecAndReceiveMultiple("AT+CUSD=1," + asPDUencoded + ",15");

var re = new Regex("\".*?\"");
int i = 0;
if (!re.IsMatch(gottenString))
protocol.Receive(out gottenString);
} while (!(i >= 5
|| re.IsMatch(gottenString)
|| gottenString.Contains("\r\nOK")
|| gottenString.Contains("\r\nERROR")
|| gottenString.Contains("\r\nDONE"))); //additional tests "just in case"
string m = re.Match(gottenString).Value.Trim('"');

return PduParts.Decode7BitText(Calc.HexToInt(m));
catch { }
return "";

Kindly help to import the working code from GSMComm Library to the one I am using with reference to SMSApplication project.
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