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Old 09-24-2007, 04:12 AM
ZarrinPour ZarrinPour is offline
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Default How can i prevent my customer from viewing my Tables'Data?

Hi all
Followings are the steps that i do when i want to Deploy my Application on my Customer's computer

1) Installing Sql Server 2000 And MSDE with its tools
such as (Query Analizer,Enterprise manager....)
2) Installing Database
3) Creating Appropriate ODBC Connection
4) Installing Executable File of my App

I've been doing these steps all the time But Recently i noticed that some of my Naughty Customers
that have a little bit knowledge of Computer specially Sql, can easily access to my Database and its
Tables and do mischevoius tasks intentionaly or unintentionaly!!!

Ofcourse , i have this problem when the App deployed on a Single Computer But if there is a Server
Computer, there will be no problem because Server Computer has its own Password.

So my problem is how i can prevent my USERS from openning,viewing and even Editing my Data
in SqlServer Database with Enterprise manager ina Singlie computer not Server Computer
Could AnyOne Help me?

By the way As i said befor i'm using SqlServer2000, as you know every one who can access to EnterPrise Manager
Can open And See Table's Data Specially Administrator,now i want to know is there any way to
Lock, Encrypt Tables or something like that so nobody could open Tables Except Application!!!

Kind Regards.
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Old 09-24-2007, 06:42 AM
johnjces johnjces is offline
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Default RE: How can i prevent my customer from viewing my Tables'Data?

One thought that comes to mind is to not allow NT Permissoin in your MS SQL databse. Allow ONLY MS SQL permissions and create a user or users with passwords in MS SQL.

These passwords could be hard coded in your code and in your install to make them a bit more difficult and of course you could encrypt decrypt them.

I would also use ADO rather than ODBC which would make such a bit easier... I think.

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