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Old 11-18-1999, 08:21 AM
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Default Problem with Delphi-BDE-Interbase. (DB-DEAD-LOCK, hanging)


I have a small delphi program with DB-Connection.

(Delphi 4, BDE 5, Interbase 5, enough license to do more than 10 connection)

After connection and a small 'select' it should

directly disconnect from DB and terminate. (like a CGI-Program)

Sometimes, when I try to start more than 5 instances of

this program at the same time, the Programs and the BDE seems

to hang (DEADLOCK?). Also, I can not login from a other program

in this database. So, I have to kill the processes to resume.

It is really important to me to fix this problem.


Ronald from Germany.
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Old 12-03-1999, 07:35 AM
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Default RE: Problem with Delphi-BDE-Interbase. (DB-DEAD-LOCK, hanging)

You can maybe try by increasing the page-size of your DB.
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