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Old 02-17-2009, 12:33 AM
Marsheng Marsheng is offline
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Default Database Fields not created correctly tdbf

When I open the new file I created with the following routine using the Database Desktop, all Float Field names are there but not the length and number of decimals.
(Excel will not open the file but will open the original)

I have tried both options below and both give the same result.

I have use the following to create the new table, but it appears that the Float field are not being created correctly.

tblSave := TTable.Create(Application);
with tblSave do begin
TableName := fFiles.eDir.text+'\'+fFiles.eFile.text+'.dbf';
// Tried FieldDefs:=dm.tblOper.FieldDefs;
with FieldDefs do begin
for i := 0 to (dm.tblOper.FieldCount -1) do Begin
if dm.tblOper.Fields[i].Datatype=ftString then
Add(trim(copy(dm.tblOper.Fields[i].Name,8,10)), ftString, 30, False);
if dm.tblOper.Fields[i].Datatype=ftSmallint then
Add(trim(copy(dm.tblOper.Fields[i].Name,8,10)), ftSmallint, 0, False);
if dm.tblOper.Fields[i].Datatype=ftMemo then
Add(trim(copy(dm.tblOper.Fields[i].Name,8,10)), ftMemo, 0, False);
if dm.tblOper.Fields[i].Datatype=ftFloat then
Add(trim(copy(dm.tblOper.Fields[i].Name,8,10)), ftFloat, 0, False);
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Old 08-20-2009, 11:31 AM
digitiger digitiger is offline
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Maybe you can try the following:

if dm.tblOper.Fields[i].Datatype=ftFloat then
Add(trim(copy(dm.tblOper.Fields[i].Name,8,10)), ftFloat, 0, False);
Items[i].Precision := TFloatField(tblOper.Fields[i]).precision;
Items[i].size := tblOper.Fields[i].Size;

hope it helps.
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