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Old 12-03-2006, 07:52 AM
cognitor cognitor is offline
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Default MathImage V6.0 component

Component MathImage V6 (congratulations to Renate Schaaf)is a very useful tool.

a) QUESTION 1) Do you know if there are updated versions after V 6.0. The old site do not work. Is there a new site ?

By default, when we draw a 3D surface, the component put the 3 main axes in the following positions (may rotate after):
-- axis Z: vertical position pointing up
-- axis Y : 120 degrees to the right of axis Z
-- axis X : 120 degrees to the left of axis Z

As it seems, these default axis positions can not be changed through the accessible component properties, what can I do to fix the default axis positions to:

-- axis Y: vertical position pointing up
-- axis X : 90 degrees to the right of axis Z
-- axis Z : 120 degrees to the left of axis Y

If you can indicate the component procedure (3DWorld ?) where these positions are fixed maybe I can continue and solve alone

Do you know any other open source free component with the same objectives as TmathImage ?

Thanks in advance

Sergio (from Brazil)
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Old 12-04-2006, 09:08 AM
digitiger digitiger is offline
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Default RE: MathImage V6.0 component

It seems that the author is no longer a member of xmission so niether her web site nor the email address will work. But you can perhaps use her another email id as follows:

maybe you can get intouch with the author and seek help.

Hope it helps and if it does then do accept the answere
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