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Old 03-25-2007, 03:39 AM
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Default Type of TDataset in compound component

I am creating a custom component which is required to have some inbuilt dataset. This dataset is required to be used as just like TTable inside my component. Some of the actions required to be done are Define the field definition and index definitions. Create table, append, edit, save, locate/find etc.

Ultimately, this dataset is to be exposed to developers using this component as MyComponent.ListDataSet, which is just like readonly TDataset. The developers will just be able to use this dataset for reading various field values and navigating between records and getting record count and of course may require filtering option also. But I would not like the developers to modify the structure or data in any manner.

For the above, I am trying to decide upon a type of dataset which does not introduces any sort of dependency of my component on any specific database engine or any third party component (at least not on comercial products) so that my component package (a freeware) could be used easily by any developer.

For the above, I need some suggesstions about the type of Dataset I should use in my component library. I have been thinking to use TClientDataset and expose it just as readonly TDataset. Other alternative I was thinking about is TSQLMemoryTable from .

Kindly suggest.

Thanks in advance
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