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Old 10-12-2004, 03:27 PM
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Default Setting Focus on a DbLookupCombo ??

We have a data entry form in our app that upon clicking the ADD button populates needed fields and sets focus on the Payment Type field which is displayed in a wwDbLookupCombo.

Everything works great except I would like to allow my users to just start typing in the focused combo.
Such as: "c" would bring up the first word starting with "c". Which in this case is "Credit Card". "ch" would bring up "Check" and "ca" would bring up "Cash".

Now all this aready works in the combo IF the user types in "Alt-Down Arrow" to open the combo first.

Is there a way to activate the combo so that the user does not have to type in "Alt-Down Arrow" or click the combo before typing within it?

Thank You!
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Old 10-12-2004, 11:19 PM
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Default RE: Setting Focus on a DbLookupCombo ??

I've tried what you said: i've created 2 simple database systems both with just 1 string field: one with 3 entries 'credit card'; 'check' and 'cash'; the other empty.

Now, if i create the program with the 2 databases linked to a DBLookupCombo typing 'ca' will popup cash (even without opening the drop-down box). So i don't see the problem....

I'm using C-Builder 5, which should be compatible with Delphi 6 i think.

If you can't get it to function, try using an OnKeyDown event to open up the selectionbox (using DBLookupComboBox1.DropDown).

good luck !


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Old 10-13-2004, 10:18 AM
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Default RE: Setting Focus on a DbLookupCombo ??


wwDBEditPurEntryPaymentType.DropDown; on the OnKeyDown event did the trick!

Thank You!
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