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Old 01-25-2001, 03:08 AM
venx_76 venx_76 is offline
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Default MDI Application Glitches


I am a beginner trying to develop an MDI application. I have several child forms and all the child forms have their minimize and maximize buttons false (biMinimize=false and bimaximize=false). The child forms have been set to wsMaximized(Window State). The problems I face are as follows:

1) Only one of the child windows opens in the maximized state (that too only once) when I call the form from a relevant menu of the MDI parent. The window first opens with the design time size and then later gets maximized (this causes a flicker while the form comes on to the screen).

2) The other forms are in the same size as their design time size and not appearing in the maximized size.

3) The forms go back to the design time size when I switch from one child form to another child form. (this should'nt happen).

what is the remedy for these problems. I would be greatful to you if you can show me how to overcome these problems with the code as i am totally fresh to Delphi.

Thanking you once again in advance.

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Old 01-25-2001, 08:38 AM
Zeno Zeno is offline
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Default RE: MDI Application

I am not quite sure, but you can do something with the TForm.Position property (or at least i hope it is called Position) - it has got values like ScreenCenter, DesktopCenter or Designed, etc... You have got it probaly on Designed (the default I think) so try to switch it to something else, maybe PosOnly.
PS: The MDI is not recomended to use even for experienced devlopers.
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